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corner wood burning stove Burning Stoves For Sale

Wood stoves can be a stunning efficient method of heating your house. They come in a wide selection of styles that fit in with any style.

vobor-wood-burning-stove-stainless-steel-folding-wood-burning-stove-portable-mini-cooker-for-travel-hiking-picnic-outdoor-camping-1831.jpgIf you reside in a smoke-free zone, you'll want to choose an certified wood stove by the EPA. These stoves are able to meet strict emission standards to minimize harmful pollutants and particulates.

Catalytic & Non-Catalytic

Wood stoves are made to burn wood logs in a controlled way to produce heat. They can be powered by both soft and hard wood, and are a better heating alternative than an open fireplace. They can offer a high efficiency of up to 80% as opposed to 15 to 15 percent for an open fireplace. They also consume less fuel, which reduces the carbon footprint.

EPA regulations establish a mandatory smoke emissions limit of 4.1 grams/hour (for catalytic stoves) and 7.5 grams/h (for non-catalytical stoves). Over time, manufacturers have been developing methods to burn fuel that meet these standards.

Catalytic stoves reduce the temperature of ignition making use of catalysts made from platinum or palladium. This ensures that all gases are burned and leads to the burning process being cleaner and less pollution sent up the chimney. The stoves can also sustain a longer burn time due to their thorough combustion process.

Modern non-catalytic stoves use baffles and stainless steel tubes that relight the lingering gasses and initiate secondary combustion. This reduces the amount of gas that is not burned that flow through the flue, resulting in a more active, beautiful flame display. Non-catalytic stoves are generally simpler to operate and do not require regular cleaning or replacement of a catalyst.

Both catalytic and non-catalytic stoves can be equipped with venting systems that permit them to burn soft and hard wood with the same efficiency. Two options will allow you to make the most of your wood and help you find the perfect wood-burning stove for your home.

Morso offers both catalytic and non-catalytic wood burning stoves for sale that are Swan-labeled, meaning they meet one of the world's most stringent environmental standards. Their wood stoves generate significantly less fine particle emissions than models certified by the EPA and are a green heating option.

Energy Independence

Wood stoves are an excellent option to gain energy independence and reduce dependence on oil, gas or electricity. A wood stove can warm your home naturally and efficiently. You can even use a blower to distribute warmth more quickly in the coldest winter nights of winter.

Wood stoves are today designed to maximize air quality and efficiency. They employ baffles and bricks to ensure that the wood is burned efficiently. They also employ air injection tubes to fill the fire with air, which reduces the amount of non-burned material that escape into the air.

With these advancements that are available, you can enjoy the warmth from your wood stove without having to worry about air pollution. The smoke produced by a new wood stove is significantly less harmful than the smoke produced by older, non-certified stoves. In addition, burning wood is a renewable and renewable energy source. It doesn't release any more carbon dioxide than it would were the wood left to decay in the forest.

When browsing for wood stoves on sale Look for the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified symbol. This signifies that the stove is in compliance with minimum standards set by the EPA to cut down on air emissions. You should also consider the size of the stove and the amount of heat you require to cover your home. The proper size of a wood burner will maximize your energy efficiency, yet still provide enough warmth to warm your home comfortably.

The EPA-certified wood stoves available for sale at Embers Living are available in both modern and traditional styles that will complement any house. Shop online to find the best freestanding wood stoves or stop by one of our Colorado showrooms to see an in-depth look at our selection. Our experts are always available to answer any questions you may have about our wood stoves or other products. For wood burning stove for sale added convenience we provide delivery to your home or office. We are proud to offer wood stoves by the most trusted brands in the market, including Lopi and England’s Stove Works.

Warmth and Aesthetics

A wood-burning stove is a beautiful addition to any home. It radiates warmth throughout your home, allowing you to stay warm without needing to switch on your furnace. It can also help you stay warm in the event of a power failure and keeps you safe from your neighbors when it is cold until the power is restored.

Modern wood burners have catalytic systems that ignite unburned gasses before they are expelled through the chimney. This helps reduce creosote and helps to ensure a cleaner burning. They are made to burn more efficiently than traditional stoves, which can save you money. In addition, many models double as cooking stoves that allows you to make use of your wood stove for both cooking and heating.

You'll also want to take into consideration the type of wood you'll be using with your stove. Different types of wood burn at different speeds and generate different BTUs. Additionally the size of your living area and the insulation of your home will determine how much heat your stove can generate. It is essential to determine the space you're planning to place your wood stove, and consult an expert to determine what kind of wood stove is best for you.

Before making a purchase, make sure you check with your municipality to see if regulations limit or prohibit wood stove installation in your area. They might also require flue liner as well as other safety requirements. Also, make sure that the stove is EPA-certified. This means that the manufacturer has met the minimum emission standards set by the EPA, which are significantly lower than the standards of older stoves.

If you're looking for an excellent wood burning stove for sale,, take a look at the range available at Embers Living. We offer a variety of stunning models in different sizes, features and designs that will enhance any living space. Visit our showroom to explore our collection and get advice from our experienced staff. You can also browse our extensive selection and place an order for a new wood stove online.


Wood stoves provide a more efficient heat source than traditional masonry fire places. They are engineered to run completely off the grid and use more wood fuel, saving you money on your electric bills. They also generate a higher amount of heat, and are capable of keeping your whole house warm for hours at a time. A blower that is electric can be utilized to distribute heat more rapidly, but it consumes a small amount of electricity.

They are also less susceptible to smoke from chimneys than fireplaces, which could cause problems for those who live near. Wood stoves are more efficient at transferring heat to your home as they have a closed combustion area.

Some of the newer wood-burning stoves available on the market utilize cutting-edge technology to boost their efficiency, with some boasting efficiencies as high as 81 percent. Even the best stoves will require a bit of effort from their owners in order to get the best performance. The most important thing to do is ensure that the stove's air controls are not completely open. This can lead to overfiring, which can harm the appliance and reduce its overall performance. To prevent this from happening the possibility of overfiring, all modern stoves have established procedures in their owners' manuals on how to properly use the air controls.

The quality of the wood you use is also crucial to the effectiveness of your wood stove. The more dried the wood, the more efficiently it will burn and produce heat. Only use wood that has been split dried, seasoned and seasoned for at least a year.

You can improve the efficiency of your wood-burning stove efficient by doing several things in addition to operating it correctly. Some are as simple as ensuring that the vent isn't blocked or obstructed while others require more complex adjustments to the wood stove's combustion process.

It is crucial to decide what the wood stove's principal function is in your home. Are you looking to use it as an atmosphere element for cozy evenings, wood burning stove for sale or to serve as your main source of heat? If you are installing a wood stove, then you will need to follow DEC's Wood Smoke Control Guidelines.


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